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Mpumalanga – Place of the Rising Sun

New Beginnings; Rebirth


Mpumalanga Wellness Retreats offer upmarket and bespoke Juice and detox retreats which cleanse the body, mind and spirit on a deep level. Offered with exceptional care and expertise in a discreet and beautiful setting you can give yourself the gift of rest, reflection and replenishment from the relentless and exhausting demands of everyday life.


Set on a peacefully secluded Macadamia Nut Farm in the picturesque mountains of Mpumalanga, our retreats will heal, nourish and restore you to your natural state of wholeness and flow.

The treadmill of life keeps us running faster and faster, doing more and more as we keep giving endlessly and selflessly of ourselves, until there is nothing left and we are empty.


We are able to do this until we realize that our tanks cannot run on empty and the red light of warning is flickering.


To retreat, is a gift to ourselves, of quality time, time to re- treat… rest, replenish and reconnect the body mind and soul. It is a time to clean out, restore and refill our cups, until they are overflowing again, so that we can go back into the world full, healthy and alive.


When we give permission to remove ourselves from the distractions and noise of doing, and simply allow ourselves the luxury to BE, the peace and serenity of nature soothes and restores, and we hear again the song of our inner voice. We awaken and come alive in the juices of our own flow and we have the strength again to dance with life.


At our retreats, we give deep permission for change. As we come to rest, we begin by cleansing as we remove all the clutter, and old outgrown toxins that block our flow. In the peace our inner wisdom our inner resources are awoken and revitalised as our vessels are refilled with fresh nourishing newness, to rebirth ourselves.

Fasting has long been practiced by the wise as a means to cleanse the body, mind and soul and reconnect with the purity and stillness of our Being. As we become empty, we make space for the flow of divinity to awaken and flow through us. Juicing is a deep level detox. On a physical level, it cleanses the body of unwanted chemicals and toxins which over time build up and negatively effect our health resulting in extra weight, sluggish metabolism, and an overall low energy, lethargy and sluggishness. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually the same cleansing and balancing happens, opening us up again to our sense of aliveness, purpose and overall well being.

Many people come on our retreats initially to loose weight. This does happen naturally, as the retreat sheds light on the unnecessary heaviness and old toxic baggage we carry on many levels. We look honestly into all that weighs us down and restricts our energy and vitality. As we make deep breakthroughs in letting go of what no longer serves us, our physical weight naturally drops and we we take lasting relief, release and lightness back into our lives.

 Our Retreats Include

• Accommodation in beautiful en-suite bedrooms with private verandahs
• Nutrient dense freshly squeezed juices
• Colon cleanse with psyllium husks
• fermented delicacies for gut flora restoration
• Daily guided meditations
• Daily yoga, chi kung or dance
• Vitamin rich veggie broths
• Freshly pressed almond milk
• Educational films sure to inspire
• Juice recipes
• Superfood boosters (delicious and nutritious)
• Two full body holistic massages or therapies
• Nature walks on the farm in between the macadamia trees
• Facilitated transformation game
• Enneagram coaching


Our beautifully furnished luxury accommodation adds a depth of nourishment to your retreat that includes your very own Jacuzzi, private garden, and outside shower. Take quiet walks on the farm, enjoy the abundance of bird and plant life in our gardens and surrender to long, deep sleeps in our exquisite beds.

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